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Big Challenge of the Domestic Mould Making Industries

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International mould making tycoon Finland Perlos Corporation invested mould company has come into use lately. This company is build strictly according to European and American standard, 600 million RMB has been invested in Phase I, it is mainly supply the top quality mould to Telecom, Health protection, Electron and Automobile industries, meanwhile this company has testing and verification ability.
On the China Mould Basic Area Upgrade Industries Forum, which held in Huangyan City, Zhejiang Province, relevant experts reminded, the new China mould industry investing wars from the foreign mould making tycoons has started, due to our local mould making company disadvantages, we faced a great challenge. Domestic mould making companies must rapidly set up the Brand Upgrade to solve the problem.
60-80% products from the Electron, Automobile, Motor, Instrument, Home applicant, Communication area and so on are forming by mould, Doctor Wang Qin from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences told the journalist in the interview. In recent years, the world manufacturing industry moved their production base into China, and China manufacturing industries are standing in the stage of developing into high-end upgrade, and having large requirement for the top quality accuracy mould. The purpose of investment rising from the developed countries Mould Making tycoons is seize this chance in advance. All of these pushed China local mould making industry had a face to face challenge of advanced technical and high quality, domestic manufacturing market will get squeezed.

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