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  • Product Name: Full Automatic CO2 XPS Physical Foamed Board Production Line
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  • Added time: 2019-06-26
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  XPS extruded polystyrene foam sheet production line is a kind of heat insulation board which is made by using polystyrene and foaming agent as raw materials and extruded at high temperature. At present, fluorine-hydrogen chloride (HCFC) is used as a foaming agent in the industry. Fluorine-hydrogen-based blowing agents have a relatively large potential for destroying the ozone layer. According to the Montreal Treaty, China has gradually restricted the use of HCFCs.

  Shandong Tongjia Machinery Co., Ltd. introduces excellent technology according to market conditions, and designs and develops CO2 extruded board equipment for customers. CO2 completely replaces HCFC foaming agent, truly realizes fluorine-free foaming process and creates CO2. The first of the foaming. According to the various needs of customers, a variety of foaming agents can also be shared, one machine can be used more, the whole process is automatically controlled by the central computer, and the production process is intelligent.


Equipment composition

1.Multi-component compounding system

Fully automatic computer control of various raw material ratios, using the weight loss type of accurate measurement method, strictly in accordance with the setting of mixed raw materials, to lay the foundation for the production of high-end quality products, the loading system uses vacuum feeding to ensure the stable delivery of raw materials.

2. Extrusion system

The CO2 XPS extrusion system uses a parallel twin-screw extruder, a screw-type block structure, which is used in combination according to the material processing technology. The specially designed connection method enhances the strength of the threaded components and the mandrel, and achieves uniform dispersion of materials and good mixing.

3. Cooling, constant temperature system

Accurate proportional control of the cooling system, equipped with a high-power chiller to ensure good cooling results, to meet the demanding requirements of the cooling system in the production process.

4. Supercritical CO2 foaming agent injection system

Supercritical CO2 foaming agent injection system is a utility model patent product developed by our company. It adopts full import flow control system to accurately control the instantaneous volume flow and mass flow of foaming fluid, design closed-loop control program, and maintain the stability of mass flow. . The unique three-stage supercharging injection system maintains a stable CO2 liquid phase, ensures a homogeneous system, and uses an automatic flow feedback control system to maintain the stability of the blowing agent flow.

5. Extrusion die, sizing system

According to the rheological characteristics of low temperature and high viscosity of PS physical foaming material, the extrusion die adopts T-shaped large manifold, long fan-shaped regional head for pressure extrusion, circulating system oil constant temperature control, and PID intelligent temperature control module to form a closed-loop control system. It can accurately control the mold temperature within the process requirements. Two-way electric adjustable device for molding system, proportional control of low resistance system material, double-sided shaping.

6. Fixed length cutting and conveying system

Online post-processing system, cooled and shaped products, automatic fixed length cutting, trimming, vertical and horizontal edge forming, automatic stacking, multi-point monitoring, automatic alarm, automatic packaging system.


Model    JG-XPS75P/200 JG-XPS85P/250 JG-XPS95P/300
Extruder   Φ75 Φ200 Φ85 Φ250 Φ95 Φ300
Heating power (approx) KW 75 100 80 120 110 150
Driving motor power KW 110 110 160 160 220 200
Thickness of board mm 20-120 20-120 20-150
Width of board mm 600,900,1220 600,900,1220 600,900,1220
Output (approx) kg/h 550-700 600-800 900-1000
Installed capacity (approx) KW 470 570 750
Dimensions (L×W×H)(approx) m 65x12x4 75x13x4 80x15x5
Total weight (approx) T 40 50 55

XPS CO2 foam board performance

Evenly uniform surface, completely closed-cell internal honeycomb structure

Insulation, heat insulation (thermal conductivity 10 °C: ≤0.028w/Mk), excellent sound insulation and moisture resistance

High pressure resistance (pressure: ≥250kpa), light weight (density up to: 28kg/M3)

Non-absorbent (water absorption: ≤ 1.0%), airtight, wear-resistant, non-degradable

CO2 XPS is widely used in the market and is recognized as an environmentally-friendly thermal insulation material.

It is used for waterproofing, heat preservation and heat insulation of building walls, roofs, industrial buildings and other building walls and roofs.

Insulation board for cold storage, cold and waterproof

For central air conditioning ventilation ducts, heat insulation, insulation

Anti-frozen materials for concrete water supply channels in water conservancy projects (such as the South-to-North Water Transfer Project)

Antifreeze insulation for roadbed, railway, airport, plaza and other roadbed projects

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