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  • Product Name: New High-speed Plastic Biaxial Stretching Geogrid Production Line
  • Product ID: 50009
  • Added time: 2019-06-28
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Shandong Tongjia 2018 high-speed fully automatic plastic biaxial tension geogrid production line (model: TJ-TGGS4000) high-speed geogrid production line is a perfect combination of years of production essence of well-known geogrid enterprises and advanced patent technology of plastic extrusion lamination. It has been carefully optimized and optimized by well-known extruder experts for many years. Experience accumulated in producing plastic mesh equipment, R&D and manufacture of high-speed automatic geogrid production line! The linear speed of production products reaches 16 meters per minute, which is more than twice as fast as that of traditional models. It is faster than the current geogrid production speed in the market. It has subverted the traditional concept of the grille production speed in the industry once again! It opens up a new situation for Chinese quality, Chinese speed and the transformation of new and old kinetic energy of Chinese geogrid enterprises, and composes a new chapter in the new era.


Model   JG-TGSG4000G
Extruder   Ø160/35x2
Screw dia. mm Ø160
Width of die head mm 1600
Punching pressure KN 2000
Width of single-direction product mm 1200
Width of double-direction product mm 4000
Spec. of double-direction product KN/m 15-15,20-20,30-30,40-40,45-45,50-50
Dimensions(L*W*H) (approx) m 106x12x4.8

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