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  • Product Name: PP Hollow Construction Template Production Line
  • Product ID: 30000
  • Added time: 2019-07-02
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Environmental protection and harmless, better comprehensive performance. Adopt polypropylene resin (PP particles) as raw material to replace wood with plastic. The material is more environmentally friendly, tasteless and harmless. Not produce any toxic and hazardous materials during use.
The product can be nailed, riveted and stable in performance.
High strength, impact resistance, wear resistance, long service life, and turnover times up to 50 times.
Recycling and reuse, have great significance to our natural resources and ecological environment.


Model    JG-PPMB120 JG-PPMB150
Products specifications mm 915×1830 915×1830
Screw dia. mm Φ120 Φ65 Φ150 Φ90
Length to diameter ratio   35:1 30:1 35:1 30:1
Drive motor KW 130 37 160 45
Heating power (approx) KW 50 18 60 25
Extrusion output kg/h 300-400 500-600

JG-PPMB Series of high efficiency, high filling special extrusion equipment, with advantages of steady capacity and nergy conservation.
Using international advanced CAD design software,38CrMoALA alloy steel with superior quality and coating metal on surface,special mixing material function and high plastify capacity of screw and barrel.
Gearbox adopts domestic famous brand plastic machinery special gearbox, and gear grinding teeth nitriding.
Low-voltage electrical adopts imported brand, precise control and easy operation. Also optional equipped with high-end programmable computer control, full line intelligence.
Main machine barrel is heated by cast aluminum heater, air cooled, and precise electronic control instrument controls the temperature.
Three-section vacuum forming table with advanced flow channel structure and large forced cooling system to ensure the board cooling and forming effect.

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