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  • Product Name: Ecomomy CO2 XPS Foamed Board Production Line
  • Product ID: 10010
  • Added time: 2015-03-27
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1. Realize 100% CO2 non-fluorine continuous and stable production, without any waste water, waste gas and waste residue, and the ozone damage potential value is "0".
2. The machine is economical, the whole set of production lines can be easily settled within one million yuan to achieve the standard production of CO2 green XPS extruded board.
3. High flexibility: suitable for a variety of color PS materials, suitable for mixing or separate use of a variety of foaming agents.
4. Technological innovation is to better serve the society: Shandong Tongjia 75/150 models, which are currently in normal use, can upgrade CO2 foaming, so that your company is no longer suffering from Freon


Model    JG-XPS75P/150 JG-XPS75P/170 JG-XPS75P/200
Extruder   Φ75 Φ150 Φ75 Φ170 Φ75 Φ200
Heating power (approx) KW 60 65 60 80 75 100
Driving motor power KW 75 55 75 75 110 110
Thickness of board mm 20-100 20-110 20-120
Width of board mm 600,900,1220 600,900,1220 600,900,1220
Output (approx) kg/h 400-500 500-600 550-700
Installed capacity (approx) KW 290 320 470
Dimensions (L×W×H)(approx) m 50x10x4 52x10x4 60x12x4
Total weight (approx) T 28 30 33
XPS physical foamed board, also named as extrusion polystyrene foam for heat insulation (XPS for short), has a perfect closed-pore alveolate structure. Its density, water absorption, coefficient of heat conducting and the coefficient of steam pervasion are all lower than those of other board heat insulation and preservasion materials and they have the characteristics of strong intensity, light material, airtight, anticorrosion,aging resistance, low cost, etc.
The Application Specification of The Product

For waterproofing, heat preservation and heat insulation in wall and roof of residential buliding, office building, industrial workshop

etc. construction industry;

For heat insulation and heat preservation of steel construction workshop, iron wall house and colored ripple tile;

For heat insulation board, cold preservation, waterproof of the refrigeration storehouse;

For using under the floor of floor heaters project,moistureproof, heat insulation and sound insulation;

For heat insulation and heat preservation of the ventilation pipe of central air condition;

For anti-freezing bulge material of concrete water delivery channel in water conservancy project; (such as divert water project from

the south to north);

For anti-freezing and heat preservation of the roadbed project such as the highway, railway, airport, square etc.


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