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Tongjia Machinery affords complete and specialized service to wide customers who need plastic machinery. According to its leading high technology and informationlized method, our service includes presale, in process of sale and after sale. We promise to bring our customers the omnipresent service which is warm like sunshine. In our company, we always try our best to solve the problems and everyone is getting ready to satisfy the requirements of the customers
Our target is to build long relationship with our customers on the basis of respect and straight-out to each other. We can give circumspect guarantee according to our customer's needing. We ensure that we can provide excellent and usefull products and service.
In order to win more customers, we not only improve quality of our products, but also regard sales service during the whole sales. So we ask our sales mans, technicians, agents and other cooperaters to discuss what we should do to content with our customer's needing. The service center always solves problems in the whole years, and continually improve the quality of our products and service.