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PLA Polylactic Acid Completely Degradation Foamed Sheet Production Line

PLA polylactic acid fully degradable foamed sheet production line adopts double-machine tandem high-fire gun sheet production technology and environmentally friendly CO2 as foaming agent. It is independently researched and manufactured by our company and has many invention patents and utility model patents.


Full Automatic CO2 XPS Physical Foamed Board Production Line

XPS extruded polystyrene foam sheet production line is a kind of heat insulation board which is made by using polystyrene and foaming agent as raw materials and extruded at high temperature. At present, fluorine-hydrogen chloride (HCFC) is used as a foaming agent in the industry. Fluorine-hydrogen-based blowing agents have a relatively large potential for destroying the ozone layer. According to the Montreal Treaty, China has gradually restricted the use of HCFCs.


Ecomomy CO2 XPS Foamed Board Production Line

Realize 100% CO2 non-fluorine continuous and stable production, without any waste water, waste gas and waste residue, and the ozone damage potential value is "0". The machine is economical, the whole set of production lines can be easily settled within one million yuan to achieve the standard production of CO2 green XPS extruded board. High flexibility: suitable for a variety of color PS materials, suitable for mixing or separate use of a variety of foaming agents.


Full-Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

This machine adopts the international newest plastic sheet forming technology with computer digital forming system and PLC electromechanical integration fullautomatic control. The touch screen can control all action system. It has the following advantages: convenient operation, saving material, improving production efficiency, reliable stability, large forming area, easy operation, quick forming speed, high automation and so on.


Automatic High Speed Vacuum Forming Machine

JG-ZKL series of vacuum forming machine designed by our company is a all-powerful forming machine.It is mainly vacuum forming as well as press forming and synthetical forming.It can be used for processing all kinds of plastic sheet and producing packing products ,such as food element, toys and so on whose material is PVC/[PET/HIPS/PP/PE/EPS.


XPS Foam Decorative molding profile production line

XPS foam decorative molding product currently is the streamlined environment protecting decorative material. Compared with traditional decorative material like GRC molding, gypsum, marble, wood, PVC wood plastic, EPS molding, it overcomes the defect of style, color and shapeunity, and complex installation. Meantime,it has the good features of glossy surface, fine and smooth surface, light weight, water-proof, mothproof, mildew proof, no deformation, non cracking, no fall off, etc. Also, it has various forms, smooth lines and shape, easily installation, environment protecting, 100% of material can be repeatable recycling. Now, it is widely used in families and various public buildings eaves, waist line, horn line, wall plaques and other indoor and outdoor architectural decoration industry.


PE Micro-Foamed Sheet production line

The product is widely used in the field of handbags, luggage, cosmetics, commodity, plastic containers for medicine, food, drink, alcohol, pesticides, engine oil, chemical industry and glass bottle sealing, etc. It has the function of anti-seep, burglarproof, anti-counterfeiting, anti-corruption, extend shelf life.


PS Decorative Frame Production Line

PS decorative molding product is a new type macromolecule decorative moulding material. It is used to make various shape, flower type,pattern and color of imitation wood and imitation stone foam photo frame, picture frame, bulletin board frame, door pocket, windowsill line,skirting line, cornice line,waist line, corner line, inside corner line, external corner line, imitation wood lines internal and external decorative material. The finish product has attractive appearance, reality figure and bright colors. Compared with marble, wood plastic and wooden molding, this product has obvious advantage, it can reach equality effect of marble and wooden material, also it has good features of light weight, shock resistance, moisture proof, non-deformation, no warping, no crack, dispense with paint, environmental protective and 100% recoverable, now widely used for interior and exterior decorative industry.


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