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        Plastic foam extrusion machine, the raw material is putting into extruder, after heating, mixing and plasticizing, foam agent will be injected into machine body under high pressure and sufficiently mixing uniformity by screw. After that, the melt material will go through the mould and instant release pressure, after cooling, sizing, draw-off and cut; it becomes different type plastic foam products.

        Plastic extrusion production line is putting plastic material into extruder, by heating, mixing and plasticizing, through various size mould, after cooling, sizing, draw-off and cut, the melt material become into different type plastic products. The common extrusion machine includes plastic pipe extrusion machine, plastic net extrusion machine, plastic profile/panel/film extrusion machine and so on.


        Blow molding, has been incorporated into our daily lives and its function becomes irreplaceable in the field of industrial packing. Our excellent blow molding machine has set up a product quality index system which compatible with international and implementation of the whole process of design, manufacture,test, installation, debugging, service, etc.


        TH series of plastic injection molding machine is a plastic injection molding machine. Traditional motion customized hydraulic and electrical appliance system is adopted for this machine type The performance of product is stable and the operation of respective function are simple and convenient.Mainly applied to processing of civil articles for daily use and lndustrial products.

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